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Matchless 2nd model

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Matchless 2nd model


With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post this pic.

The original auction blurb said:

"This is .180 cal spring piston top lever gravity feed air gun with a cast iron frame which retains 50% of original black paint while the remainder has turned a pleasing brown patina. The seamless barrel has 50% of original nickel finish remaining the balance is a soft brass finish. The top cocking lever with false hammer is mostly brown patina with some original black paint remaining in protected areas. The rear sight is missing from its dovetail on the barrel. The wood stock contains the gravity feed tube and the cocking handle. The finish is worn and has some handling nicks but still rates very good. The left side of the stock is stamped in a circle "MADE BY ADAMS & WESTLAKE CO./ CHICAGO". A very nice example of a late 19th century air rifle."