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Air cane by Deane, Adams & Deane

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Air cane by Deane, Adams & Deane


With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post these pics.

The original auction blurb said:

".30 caliber, 35" overall. This two piece gun is in lovely original condition and comes complete in its original case with accessories. The gun is a single shot, muzzle loading design with a hickory ramrod being part of the brass threaded tip. The handle is of ebony and shows some tight age cracks. The shaft retains 98% plus original brown paint with lots of lacquer remaning. The case contains the original pump which is engraved "Deane, Adams & Deane 30 King William St. London" and retains 80% original brown finish remaning, blending with a pleasing brown patina and with strong damascus pattern remaining. Also included in the case is the original mold, cocking key, oiler and pump handle. The original mahogany case with brass medallion rates excellent with a grain crack in lid that remains quite stable. A handsome and unusual British air cane gun."

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