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Cranked butt air cane  


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11th December 2017 16:18  

Cranked butt air cane


This can sold at the Holts Auctioneers auction in September 2017 for £420.

Auction blurb:

"A SCARCE 120-BORE AND 54-BORE COMBINED PRE-CHARGED PNEUMATIC AIR-CANE, UNSIGNED, MODEL 'CRANKED BUTT', no visible serial number, circa 1865, with tapering 18 1/2in. barrel section, the micro-rifled barrel insert removing to reveal the larger smooth-bored barrel, brass screw-off nose-cap with captive iron ramrod, dove-tailed fore and rear-sights, concealed trigger button near the join and external cocking square, cranked air reservoir stock with integral walking stick handle, the whole painted in imitation of wood, complete with period pump"

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