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Unmarked British air cane

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Unmarked British air cane


With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post these pics.

The original auction blurb said:

".34 caliber, 37 1/4" overall with 19 1/4" rifled barrel. This cane is painted to simulate bamboo and retains over 90% of that original finish. The cane is breechloading featuring a rotating breech block mechanism just ahead of rear sight. The original brass tip and wood handle remain in place. The gun comes cased in its original mahogany case which remains in very good condition retaining lots of original finish and having a couple cracks which could be easily repaired - case is sound. The case includes the original pump which retains nearly all of its original twist pattern, along with pump handle, key and mold. A handsome and very nice quality air cane."

a1a3811daf0b74d18dc834ea1148531b.jpg 5def953c1f28a995a87d76cb6367cd25.jpg