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Auctioned pistols (Hermann Historica)

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Auctioned pistols (Hermann Historica).


Girandoni-type pistol, Oesterlein, Vienna, c.1840, 8.5mm cal




German muzzle loading pistol





German turn off grip pistol, 2nd half of 18th century

All-metal air pistol with a turn-off grip, probably German, 2nd half of the 18th century. Two-stage turn-off brass barrel, the breech section octagonal with a baluster between and a cannon muzzle. Smooth bore in 10.5 mm calibre. Front sight. Brass receiver. Iron exterior action cock, vertical valve lever with a catch for the cock and iron side plate. Screw-on brass grip-air reservoir. Length 41 cm




Girardoni pistol, repeater, before 1799, Vienna/Penzing






Heinz, Sternberg/Moravia, c.1730, muzzle loading pistol






Kuchenreuter, Steinweig nr Regensburg, c.1840, spring piston pistol






Crank-wound pistol, c.1820-30






Kuchenreuter, Steinweg nr Regensburg, c.l840, spring piston pistol

Pics copyright Hermann Historica