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EA Störmer in Herzberg kurbelspanner pistol

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EA Störmer in Herzberg kurbelspanner pistol.


With thanks to Eberhard for the heads up.

Auction blurb (Google translate):

"Pressure spring wind guns, E.A.Störmer in Herzberg around 1840
Slim, octagonal tipped barrel made of browned strip damascus with smooth core in 7.5 mm caliber. Retracted sight. Front lock with spring mechanism. Round pressure vessel made of browned iron, engraved on the top "E.A.Störmer Herzberg". On the right side, for a tensioning crank. Trigger with engraver. Forehead and piston of walnut, the piston with fish skin cut. Finely engraved, iron set with vine and trophy decor. Length 44,5 cm. Rare, early air gun in high quality gun quality. Ernst August Störmer (after 1776 - 1857), Royal rifle master in the gun factory Herzberg, from 1827 revisor."

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