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Alros Shadow M100W 8 shot

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Alros Shadow M100W 8 shot 

With thanks to Mark D.

He says:

The M100 refers to the cc of the air tube. The W refers to the walnut stock.The rifle is 90cm long with a 400mm long barrel in .22. It weighs 3.8kgs as photographed. The block is aluminium with a stainless steel bolt with a steel barrel and air tube. The model series dates from the late 90s.
This one is September 1998 and number 49.
The stock is walnut and has the air tube set into it to keep the bore line low to the stock.The silencer is effective given that it is just a hollow tube.
The trigger is just single stage, light enough for a plinker and breaks cleanly.
To load the 8 shot magazine, you simply cock the action by using the bolt, then load a .22 cal pellet into the magazine using the channel behind the magazine and then rotate the magazine clockwise until the next empty chamber is in line with the channel, repeat till all 8 are loaded. Slide bolt forward and you are ready to shoot. There are no safeties fitted.