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Alros Trailsman Standard

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Alros Trailsman Standard 

With thanks to Richard.

Richard also wrote this on the

The Alros |Trailsman has recently appeared in a couple of posts. I thought it might prove useful to any other owners to briefly catalogue a 'plumber's tale' of ownership (though i am also a fitter, joiner, electrician, tiler, etc).... I digress:

The Alros Trailsman is a true take down air rifle. PCP/full power. There was also a CO2 version, and there are a slim tube (looks nicer to my mind) and voluminous 'bottle' version - as well both single shot and multi-shot via a fixed rotating 8 shot magazine.

i have a slim tube/multi-shot in .22. Love the look and concept of it, and the balance is very nice, fun to shoot - can't help but grin as accurate.... comes ion a tool roll, assembles in minutes (Day of the Jackal...)
...though trigger feels like a clutch peddle in comparison to most of my other rifles.
However, like all things, you get used to it.

The slim tube (i have 2 x tubes now because of an adaption U.K.Neill sorted out on a CO2 'spare' i had) gives me 16 shots at between 11.6, down to 11.2, then a further 8 shots from 11.2 down to 10.5 ft lbs. That's 3 x reloads of the 8 shot rotating fixed mag.
And a tube only takes about 45 pumps to get up to 200 psi, though i have found 195 psi (ie just a tad under on the gauge) gives me the best and most consistant shot count. I have a pump because this is my only PCP.

The shot level is now very consistant now: it wasn't when i got it.
The gun operates by firing a 'slam weight' which has been cocked back a sort travel (the pull of the bolt) into the stock.
The trigger engages, and when released ORIGINALLY the weight was propelled forward from a short spring held by a fitted baseplate set behind the slam-weight. The spring is small/stiff - and hence very 'nitpicky' about adjustment. And adjustment is achieved by taking the brass stock piece out, and altering a threaded colour (range of about 4 complete turns) which effectively reduces fractionally the penetration of the slam-weight against the air reservoir pin. Fiddly and largely unforgiving stuff.

When i got the rifle, it was only producing about 6.5 ft lbs.
I took it apart and could see how adjustment of the spring was supposed to work, i tried the equivalent of 'washers' to increase preload, but tolerances were so tight i couldn't get the bolt to engage smoothly.

Amongst other things - i am a plumber. And IF a short stiff spring won't do - then how about a longer/easier one?
I sourced some suitable candidates from the bay, tested it with a setup that uses the end of the aluminium shoulder piece which is inserted into the stock as my rear spring plate - and hallelujah - the figures reported above. Cocking motion is sweet and easy - and adjustement (that 4 turns range i mentioned earlier) now gives me a starting ft lb of 'above 12ft limit, down to about 8 ft lbs. I've set the start poiunt at 11.6 - and haven;t found a pellet yet that chronos above the magic 12 on this setting.

So - for the 'non-plumbers' (although it looks odd dis-assembled) my solution from stuff in the van is remarkably simple.
Hence the PICs posted for info. You'll see i've used a JG speedfit 22mm insert with a 15mm insert jammed in as the 'top hat'. It all recesses with minor carving into the back of the spring neatly, with a 15mm insert on the 'back plate' end.
The back plate is just a suitable hard tap washer, which sits against a piece of JG speedfit 15mm pipe - which after trial and error gave me the correct level of pre-load to make bolt comfortable and range of adjustment 'sweet'.

It works so well - i've done nothing else since. The stock is set at the distance i want, and this all rests against the stock end - but i could just as easily refit the previous back plate somewhere in the 'preload' area to keep adjustment of the stock independent of the spring sysrtem.

PICS are hopefully self-explanatory in logical order comparing old and new configuration. So enjoy.

The Mechanism 'OLD' version



ADJUSTMENT ... up to 4 complete turns on collar...





Old slam weight spring system:



NEW spring system vs OLD



Pic shows preload before brass adjustable end stop is inserted back