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[Sticky] Am/Pell history

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Am/Pell history 

This information was posted by Kyle, grandson of the company founder, Ed Denniston, on the American Vintage Airguns forum.

He said: "My name is Kyle. Full disclosure, I do now know much about guns - but am learning. So why I am I here?

My Great Grandfather was Ed Denniston of Crosman. He was the executive president and helped Mr. Hahn get the company off the ground and from my research was "the man" at Crosman in the early days. Ed later got in a fight/fired/left (it's up to legend at this point) with Mr. Hahn and started Ampell Playtime Products. Where he released a sled in 1969, pistol and rifle in 1971 before a lawsuit ultimately forced him into retirement. 

So why am I here? 

I changed careers 4 years ago and left a stable marketing / advertising job to pursue my passion to become a barber. My first shop location was actually in the old crosman building in the basement in Fairport NY underneath my Great Grandfathers office. I rented this location without knowing the family connection. Until my great aunt who is now has passed let me know that here dads office was right above our shop. 

I recently moved our shop location in March of 2020 and rebranded as Ampell Barbershop to carry on the family name. 

As we settle into our new location I am going to be putting together an exhibit in person and digitally about the history of Ampell and my Great Grandfathers work time at Crosman but focusing on starting his on venture which has been seen as a failure by family but I've begun to see it as something else. 

So far I have collected the following materials - 

  • Ampell Magnum Rifle in Box 
  • Ampell Pellets 
  • Ampell Ads (Sled, Boys Life & Field and Stream) 
  • My Life, Our Lives by Roger Molina (VP of Crosman who details his time at Crosman and much about my Great Grandfather) 
  • Copy of Ampell Stock Certificate 
  • Digital copy of the Ampell sales Brochure (thanks to a Scan by DT Fletcher which I found on this forum)
  • Hand etched "Ampell Wrench" from this factory 

If anyone has any stories, information, marketing collateral or knows of anyone I should talk to - please shoot me a message or reply to this thread. You're help in my quest for information and artifacts about my Great Grandfather is greatly appreciated. 

I've attached a photo of our old location in the Crosman basement of me cutting (KC's Fairport Barbershop) as well as our new location with the Ampell Branding and some other interesting items."