Ansonia rifle  


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Ansonia rifle



With thanks to Frank for these pics. This is what Dennis Hiller had to say about this rifle in 1986:


ANSONIA Air Rifle.


Maker: Mayer & Grammelspacher, Rastatt, Germany. Date: 1901-1905.

Details: Almost the same model as was advertised in 1905 by Osborne as their model 1340, the "IMPROVED HEAVY DOLPHIN" except for the safety. The model I handled has a breech lock lever on the L.H.S. of the cocking arm. Length 43 4/5 inch,weight 4,3 lbs. Walnut stock with pistol grip and chequering and metal butt plate, adjustable trigger and a octagonal barrel.

This gun has a .177 rifled barrel. On the L.H.S. of the breech block is stamped M-G-R in a circle, and some other letters which are barely visible. In England a lot of the products of Mayer & Grammelspacher were sold by many British companies who sold M&G's products under their own banner, and just stamped their own name on it, and even"BRITISH MADE"!!.

This one was sold by E Anson, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, England. Sometimes these guns were marked "THE ANSONIA RIFLED BARREL".


Well, this rifle is 41 3/4 inches long, same stock, trigger and barrel as the above. No visible stampings on the breech block, but they compensated for that on the rest of the gun. happy.gif On top of the barrel is "The Ansonia" rifled barrel.


9b4b90ed216975b15f100494a901bb45.jpg The barrel release catch on the L.H.S is stamped with "Anson's bolt action". f8bbcb9a9e41ae85f18eac5fe90960ed.jpg Both sides of trigger block are stamped "THE ANSONIA" and on the L.H.S. side of the stock it mentions "E. ANSON & Co 14 STEELHOUSE LANE BIRMN" 4e0689231a83bd301bf8f0142d53363a.jpg 4ecb16a6cd579160dc903347df155702.jpg So they wanted to make sure everybody thought it was "British made". LOL LOL. d12b4c5af88fa01f55525d68dc8b17e0.jpg 12549a03526b5c8d1769e94e2319b242.jpg 04df79eda99d01311fdd1b4bed576474.jpg 744611c27292c796dc06aac1fc647913.jpg For comparison I have taken pics of the Ansonia together with my early MGR "Dolphin". 5be796e415b23e9658a49dd1bb412e22.jpg Main differences are the barrel block and the trigger housing ......... 5aa00a2201e2316f42d964bf912c1957.jpg 79f6d71103a9a4ea98f603a1ce90f9fc.jpg ------------------------------------------- Frank


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