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American Kentucky Type

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American Kentucky Type.


Half stock ball reservoir air rifle.

With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post these pics.

The original auction blurb said: ".38 cal., 36 3/4" octagon barrel with bright excellent five-groove rifled bore. Barrel is an overall deep brown, lightly oxidized patina with pewter toning beneath. There is a tiny brass bladed front sight and a rather neat flat-top sporting rear with mother-of-pearl inlay and later step elevator. There is very minor foliate engraving around each sight. The rebated lock plate is an overall deep gray patina with the percussion style hammer being a pleasing smooth brown; the lock features a large external spring and rebounding hammer. The gun features nice brass hardware, with a single ramrod thimble and faceted tailpipe and a nice single spur trigger guard which shows very light engraving and a faceted front extension. The crescent buttplate is faceted as well and the toe plate is lightly engraved with a forward finial. The gun is fitted with a nice hidden release horsehead patchbox which is also lightly engraved. Barrel is keyed to the stock with a single wedge through diamond shaped German silver escutcheon and the nose of the forend shows a nice bone tip. The American walnut stock rates very good overall showing checkered grip and forend, fluted squared cheekpiece with a crescent moon ivory inlay and some very nice figure in the butt. Many years ago the stock cracked completely in half beneath the lock plate and through to the side plate, an effective repair was made utilizing synthetic firearms grade epoxy which also necessitated building up the ball reservoir socket in the bottom of the stock, where a moderate sized piece of the original stock was lost. The gun comes with its original ivory tipped ramrod and is double set trigger equipped. There is some nice silver wire inlay around the tang. The heavy brass ball reservoir rates excellent with a lovely deep ocher patina. A very New England looking half-stock rifle overall, closely following the style of examples by Silas Allen. A very rare and desirable antique air rifle overall."