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Beeman custom rosewood Webley air pistol grips  


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Beeman custom rosewood Webley air pistol grips

With thanks to Troubledshooter for these pics of Webley Tempest grips (on the cover of the 1988/89 catalogue):

and to Matt for these pics of Webley Hurricane grips:

and to Mike D for these pics of Webley Hurricane grips (copied from a post on the AVA):

Mike said:

"A couple years ago I was delighted to find this rare Beeman accessory for Webley Hurricane/Tempest family of pistols--a full-race, palmshelf match grip! In exotic tropical hardwood, no less. "Webley target pistol" may not exactly be a phrase that rolls naturally off the tongue, but here we almost have one!

I've always been a big fan of the Hurricane and Tempest. Back when they were current production items, seems like they were forever disparaged by the forum "experts"--mostly for not being like the old machined-steel Webleys of yore. But the guns were efficiently designed, nicely finished, and physically tough; and they shot harder, and had superior ergonomics, to any of the uber-collectible Mk I's, Seniors, or Premiers. And now that British-made "Tempicanes" are a thing of the past, their value is climbing, too. I'd never be without one of these modern classics around.

And IMHO the Hurricane is particularly underrated. Sure, it's not as cute as the more popular Tempest, but it's still very compact for a springer, and the better-shaped front sight, click-adjusting rear sight, longer sight radius, and little bit of extra weight are all pluses for accurate shooting.

I bought this example several years ago from a police pistolsmith in California, who smoothed out the action and tuned the trigger to a short, light pull. He eventually decided the Tempest was a better trainer for his guys, being closer in size to their service automatics, so I ended up with a well-tweaked Hurricane at a righteous priced. It was a perfect match for the grips when they came along.

The grips are well designed. Note how they overlap the front of the grip frame, but smoothly incorporate the exposed backstrap. This keeps the overall bulk down, and the comfort, "point," and trigger position work out well from my smallish hands.

I guess a Webley will never be anybody's first choice for an actual match, so palmshelf grips are arguably pretty silly things to add to one! And the grips are rather hard to find these days, too, so I reckon the majority of Doc Beeman's customers agreed with that assessment.

But in my humble opinion, the grips raise the Hurricane from a fun plinker to a worthy paper-puncher...well, at the practice-gun level at least. A guy who could keep most of 'em in the 8-ish-ring with this rig might just surprise himself with his "real" match pistol!"