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Kuchenreuter, Joseph

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Kuchenreuter, Joseph

Pics copyright Hermann Historica.

Blurb (translation): Baroque wind gun, Joseph Kuchenreuter, Steinweg near Regensburg, around 1750

Burnished octagonal barrel with inserted smooth brass core in caliber 8 mm. Retracted sights. Signature "Josef Kuchenreuter" inlaid in silver above the breech between the ribbon decoration. The spring-loaded barrel can be tilted for loading, locking lever on the underside. Internal lock mechanism, trigger with set trigger. Full stock made of walnut wood with slightly carved rocailles decor, nose made of dark horn. Repair site in the area of ​​the tail screw blade. Piston reservoir with square mount for the enclosed original clamping lever. Wooden ramrod. Length 112 cm. Josef Kuchenreuter (1712-69) can be traced back to Steinweg near Regensburg as a gunsmith. Specialized in wheel lock bushes and wind bushes.