Bowkett pneumatic pistol  


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Bowkett pneumatic pistol 

With thanks to Barry for these pics.

At the time of posting this pistol is for sale at UK£750.00 plus post. If you are interested, please contact Barry by email: bn -a t-

The owner says: "John Bowkett is a major name in the history of airguns was the the chief designer for BSA for many years. He has dozens of personal patents in the field, designed many British iconic air rifles and his work will be well known to collectors. Has his own website, fanclub etc. I believe that he is still active in retirement blueprinting and customising BSA airguns.

Before he joined BSA he made a number of one-off airguns on commission. Mainly rifles, but also made 12 single stroke pneumatic air pistols on commission of which I have the second.

This one was apparently made for an artist in Stoke on Trent (UK) who hand-painted chinaware there. The grip has 8/81 imprinted which is the date of manufacture. It is therefore possibly one of the first single stroke pneumatic pistols produced.

I have been unable to get a note of provenance from John Bowkett who does not respond to correspondence much nowadays. The information above was obtained from the gunsmith and Registered Firearms Dealer (UK) who knows John Bowkett and obtained the information verbally.

The pistol is very unusual, unique and is in perfect working order. Screw cut and comes with the original moderator in its handmade leather sheath.

I have measured the MV & ME with a Combro Mk4 Chronograph and got an average MV of 582 fps giving average ME of 5.315 FootPounds with RWS R10 Match 7 grain pellets (x10). It produces very acceptable groups at 10m."




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