Bracia Pasławscy (Poland)  


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Bracia Pasławscy (Poland) 

This rifle was made in 1934 by Bracia Pasławscy (Brothers Pasławscy - Piotr Pasławski, Romuald Pasławski, Leon Pasławski).

With thanks to Robert S of Polish website Forum Kolekcjonerów Wiatrówek.

Robert says: "This is a Polish airgun made by "B-cia Pasławscy" (Brothers Pasławscy) in 1934. It was made as training rifle for the Polish military. It's a very rare item. Approximately 1500 pieces were manufactured. There are only a few examples of this air rifle (one in the Museum of the Polish Army and a few in the hands of collectors). Interestingly, it's based on Diana 27 components."


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