Arill 1M  


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Arill 1M 

With thanks to Frank



Italian army trainer used to practice rifle shooting.
Originally rescued from the Italian army, who destroyed almost all of them with a blow torch!
As far as I know only a few examples survived This is no. 1532R.
Overall length is 94.5cm, with beech stock with the "BREDA" name pressed into the L.H.S. of the stock. This is no longer vissible as the rifle has been out in the rain for a few months!
Stock has a ribbed butt.
Trigger is adjustable by a knurled, spring-loaded bolt through the trigger guard.
Cylinder is marked "BREDA, ARILL (with arrow going from left to right),1M,BREDA".
Breech block is marked CAL 4,5 on the L.H.S. and 1532R on the R.H.S.
It has a 39.5 cm rifled barrel with height adjustable rear sight and a non-original dovetail-mounted front sight.
One other model has been seen, the same as above except for a non-adjustable trigger, a fixed rearsight and different marking on the cylinder "BREDA, ARILL (with arrow going from left to right), O, BREDA"

The resemblance to a BSA Cadet or Cadet Major is remarkable (see last picture).




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