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With thanks to Frank 



Italian army trainer used to practice rifle shooting.
Originally rescued from the Italian army, who destroyed almost all of them with a blow torch!
As far as I know only a few examples survived. This is no. A 7894.
Overall length is 104.5 cm, with walnut stock inlayed with a medallion, which has a rampant horse and the name "BREDA" acros it.
Stock butt is ribbed, with two dummy screw heads imprinted in the wood - the reason for them is beyond me!
The action is held by one big bolt underneath the trigger guard and two more on the fore end, whch sit in brass cups.
Trigger is adjustable by a knurled, spring-loaded bolt through the trigger guard.
Breech jaws are a little bit bigger than the cylinder, Millita style, and the cylinder is marked "BREDA ARILL (with arrow going from left to right), BREDA".
Breech block is marked CAL 4,5 on the L.H.S. and 'LS' in a circle, and A7894 on the R.H.S.
Barrel cocking action with barrel release via lever which runs through a slot in the cocking arm (also Millita style).
It has a 48cm rifled barrel with height adjustable rear sight and drift adjustable dovetail-mounted front sight.