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Modern Britannia copy

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Modern Britannia copy 

With thanks to Matt (ptdunk on the

Matt was contacted by [Robert in the Netherlands] who saw his video, who has decided to make a modern Anglo Sure Shot Mk1 out of modern materials using mill and lathe. Matt says: "The 3D computer modelling was very useful for calculating angles etc. He's used a Walther Barrel and is going to use a Vortek gas Ram. I think he's rethinking the trigger, we’ll find out more as he progresses.

This is a good opportunity to improve on the original design, and as long as he updates his 3D CAD drawing along the way, as he tweakes the physical prototype, then the final 3D CAD file could be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to make one in the future. If it ever got developed into a CNC cut file then they could even be produced....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

He did ask about the sights and the rearsight position. I’ll experiment with my scruffy Britannia tomorrow by possibly positioning the rear leaf sights further forward for a better sight picture.

I would have thought a modern version would benefit from square target style elements, like the Feinwerkbau sport for example.
Can anyone think of an available metal rear sight with similar adjustments? (funny I think Bonehill’s 1905 patented rear sight was the first example of what’s been standard ever since)
Obviously scope rails along the top of the breech block would be nice too.

I think he isn’t going with a cast handgrip/trigger guard so maybe a wooden grip? Shaping options would be interesting too."


Finished rifle:


In progress: