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Second modern Britannia copy

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Second modern Britannia copy 

This amazing work also by Robert in the Netherlands. Thanks to him for the pics.

He said of this rifle on the "In the meantime I have made a second Britannia. This one is flame-blued in the old-fashioned way. The stock is made of olive wood and oiled. I changed the trigger mechanism into a custom design system. This is locked in the tensioned state and the trigger pressure can be adjusted as light as a feather. The rifle cannot be fired in a kinked state. I made all moving parts from C35 carbon steel, hardened and tempered. After a lot of adjustment, my Britannia’s perform best around the 6 FT LBS. With this I achieve a nice muzzle velocity of 600 fps. The rifle is powered by a vortex gas ram at 100psi. With more power, the rifle becomes less stable and accurate. The angle between the cylinder and barrel exerts downward pressure during firing. With more power, this results in a negative effect."