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Collection of vintage BSAs

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Collection of vintage BSAs.


These pics and information have come courtesy of Trevor.

His collection consists of:

Improved Model "B"
Early '20s Standard Pattern
Late '20s Standard Pattern (with transitional stock)
Early '30s Light Pattern
Late '30s Club Standard



BSA Improved Mod B .177 1907 serial 16023



BSA Standard Pattern, early 1920s, .22 serial S14449


BSA Standard Pattern late 1920s .22 serial no S39348, with rare transitional stock


BSA Light Pattern, serial L39243, early 1930s. This gun had 1 owner from new until 2009 when the owner died, his wife then passed it on to someone else and then it came to me 2 months ago. It was factory re-blued in the 1950’s.


BSA Standard Club No4 .177 serial C2295, late 1930s