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My BSA air rifle 6th Batch serial number no 15871

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My BSA air rifle 6th Batch serial number no 15871.

This BSA is very similar in all respects to a BSA 6th Batch serial number 15971 featured in an article by Lakey elsewhere on this forum. This example compares directly in every way to Lakeys apart from having the pistol grip stock fitted which was the other option offered by BSA at that time. My example being exactly 100 rifles earlier in the production run.

This rifle is a joy to shoot and is very smooth in use, the only problem initially being the trigger which was very stiff, the target pictured (25yds) is before the trigger was adjusted and the groups certainly tightened up in later use after loosening the adjustment screw and rectifying this small fault. The rifle performed well out to 35 yards, although the bulbous top to the foresight certainly made accuracy harder at longer ranges.