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My BSA improved model D

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My BSA improved model D.

After posting for info on this particular BSA Lakey told me it was from the batch between July 1908 to January 1909. It is happily in very good condition and although there are better there are much worse, so I for one am very happy with my particular BSA doubly so to find out it is the same batch that my greatgrandfathers BSA imp mod D was from, a rifle that was passed to my Grandfather and then my uncle.

I have now stripped and re-lubed it, plus cleaned out the barrel while it was disassembled. The gunge from the barrel had to be seen to be believed. The internals look all original to me except not surprisingly the spring.

I did some research into Percy Fox and found four WW 1 casulities of that name on various war memorials and one only from WWII. So not conclusive but to me it certainly adds some interest to an already historic old rifle.