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Paul's BSA collection

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Paul's BSA collection.


Thanks to Paul for these pics.

He says the following:

"Hi folks, here are a few pictures of my BSA collection. I started in earnest at the end of 2011 after a gap of over 40 years! The first photo shows a somewhat "younger me" with my small brother proudly shooting my Cadet. I loved that rifle - although it was not as popular with the neighbours! Strange to say I have no idea what happened to it, although it provided considerable amusement for about 5 years. I guess I must have sold it, and moved on to my next passion: chemistry. I had a Cadet Major at university in the '70s, but little time or opportunity for using it. Shooting a very ugly Filipino carbine two years ago re-kindled the air rifle interest, and with lots of reading, some research and the internet being available the collection has er...blossomed?! Some I HAD to have, some I should never have bought, and some just came along......I am a lot better with a rifle than a camera, however, so please excuse the rather amateur photos. Better ones to follow. Thanks for looking."