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Carl Pirko butt reservoir (Vienna)

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Carl Pirko butt reservoir (Vienna) 

With thanks to Mark.

He says about this air rifle: "The barrel tips, but only if you remove the screw at the rear of the barrel that goes through the receiver.

I have no idea why this would be made this way. It's totally useless in the field unless your carrying a screwdriver.

I was looking for another gun, or similar action as I would suspect or would at least think that the screw should be more of a part you could take on and off by hand... something similar to what's found on the back of a Gat type air pistol. The biggest drawback to that idea is that the "knob" of such part would probably be in the line of sight and therefore blocking your view while shooting... unless it's small and narrow.

The screw that's in there appears original, and fits as it should. It goes completely through the receiver and threads directly into the barrel.

With no provision for a ram rod... this gun is a one shot wonder in actual field use.

An pretty interesting little rifle, that leaves me scratching my head in how it's supposed to be used!"