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Flintlock style air rifles by Wentzlau of Neuwied (nos. 63, 145 and 190)

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Flintlock style air rifles by Wentzlau of Neuwied (nos. 63, 145 and 190) 


According to German auction house Hermann Historica, Wentzlau worked between 1730 and 1780 in Neuwied (in Rhineland-Palatinate, northwest of Koblenz) and Ehrenbreitenstein.

Here is an example, no.145, by Wentzlau when he worked in Ehrenbreitenstein, circa 1750/60. It has an octagonal barrel with seven groove rifling in 12.5 mm and an optional 9mm smoothbore brass barrel.

HH says of Wentzlau: "His custom of numbering his works is unusual for the period. Among others air rifles number 33 and number 212 are known in the Berleburg Castle weapons collection, and number 76 in the Kranichstein Hunting Museum. Some of his air guns have a screw in the pan, to allow the vent to be opened, permitting the piece to be used as a flintlock."


This is a muzzle-loading flintlock with an air reservoir in the butt, serial no.63. A spring loaded flap in the butt plate gives access to pump up the reservoir.

With thanks to Joe at for permission to re-post these pics. Note the screw in the pan which, if removed, allows the rifle to be used as a flintlock.

Some more pics of this rifle, thanks to Larry H:


Another Wentzlau: