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Marrison of Norwich butt reservoir

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Marrison of Norwich butt reservoir 

With thanks to Mick for these pics.

Mick says: "The case it is in was one l converted from a old shotgun case. The small barrel is one that someone has converted to fit the rifle, and it came with the rifle."



The internet records this incident, in December 1860:

"A gunpowder explosion occurred at the shop of Mr. Marrison, gun maker, Little Orford Street, Norwich.  The entire shop front was wrecked, as also was that of the adjoining shop, occupied by Mr. Frankland, photographer and dealer in art materials.  Two lives were lost.  Mrs. Dady, sister of Mr. Frankland, was sitting in a room over Mr. Marrison’s shop, and was dashed by the force of the explosion to the ceiling.  She fell through the chasm in the floor to the burning ruins beneath, where she was fearfully injured.  Charles Hill, a shop boy in the employment of Mr. Marrison, was killed outright, and terribly mangled.  The force of the explosion shattered the windows of the Bell Hotel and of other houses in the vicinity.  At the Norwich Assizes on March 26th, 1861, before Chief Baron Pollock, Mr. Marrison brought an action against the London Union Fire Office, for the recovery of £300 under a policy of insurance on his stock and furniture.  The plaintiff had been offered and had refused £100 in settlement of the claim.  The company then proved that the plaintiff had kept more gunpowder on his premises than was allowed by the terms of his contract, whereupon the judge ordered a non-suit."