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Rasch, M H

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Rasch, M H 


With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post these pics.

The original auction blurb said: ".37 caliber, 36 1/2" round barrel. This is a very early design made by Rasch likely during the last part of the 18th century; he was born in 1743 and died in 1821. The gun is interesting in that it has a cocking piece on the right side of frame with the main spring, tumbler and sear mounted externally on the left side of frame. The top of the frame is engraved "M.H. Rasch" which is the only marking on the gun. In addition to the reservoir butt, the barrel also threads off. The action has some mechanical issues which include some missing parts. The right side of the frame is missing a pivoting firing piece which would strike the plunger, which is mounted on the bottom of frame, pushing it back into the reservoir to release a charge of air. One the left side of the action the sear is missing along with the trigger device. The butt is hand forged, shows a couple of old repairs and has a neat little cheek rest at the nose of the comb. The barrel bears a dark brown patina with the frame being slightly more gray. The butt is an even brown color. All metal surfaces show scattered oxidation. This is a very interesting early air gun signed by its German maker."