Carey Pistol (US, 1...

Carey Pistol (US, 1870s)  


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Carey Pistol (US, 1870s).


This exciting find was identified by Professor John Griffiths, author of the Encyclopedia of Spring Air Pistols after Rick S posted pics from his visit to the Virginia Military Institute's Henry Stewart collection.

John spotted what looks like a complete example of a pistol that was only known up to now by a surviving incomplete relic and an impression of the completed pistol from patent drawings by George Carey.

He says: "The history of American spring air pistols in the late 1870s is a complex field as there was so much inventive activity at that time. Known examples were the various Quackenbush pistols, the Haviland and Gunn pistol, the Eureka in its various forms, and the Pope, Champion and Cross pistols. The existence of yet another, the Carey, was speculative up until now, but can now be confirmed. "




Entry from the <i>Encyclopedia of Spring Air Pistols</i> (with the author's permission):


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