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Lee Metford CO2 conversion

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Lee Metford CO2 conversion 

With thanks to Exwind on

He said: "Pictured is what was originally a Lee Metford MkII and which after WW1 was converted by BSA to become a reasonably priced .410 shotgun,they converted thousands of these and smle's into budget guns in the 1920's.

When i got it somebody had run over the barrel in a vehicle so it resembled a banana and had then taken an angle grinder straight through the breech and halfway up the barrel lengthwise.

all that was salvageable was a the frame and the furniture,i cut off the top of the frame flush with the woodwork,removed the trigger and sear (which was still present suprisingly) and proceeded to shoehorn a home made heavy walled stainless steel co2 tube and the firing mechanism and barrel from a qb78 .22.

Its rough,its accurate it welds wonderfully to the cheek and i love it.

The magazine is made from an airsoft BB mag and car body filler and the sight is a Parker Hale with parker hale mounts,the moderator is a slip on W&S however i threaded the muzzle to accept a PH ph1 mod,it just so happens the slip on looks better with the taper at the compression ring.

Its a devil to take apart fully as my ingenuity ! has left it locking together in the manner of one of those executive puzzles that relatives that really dont like you buy you for your birthday or christmas.

Delivers 11ftlb on a warm day,a bit less on cold days and you can just see the dayglo green polyurenthane tubing i use as a seal which is perfect for it.

The safety is missing as i'm presently fettling one to look a little more in keeping...

The barrel band/front sling swivel i hacked out of a piece of 15mm aluminium bar i had in my scrap bucket and the sling is made from a horse girth strap."