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John G's pop-out air pistol collection  


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John G's pop-out air pistol collection 

Thanks to John for these pics.

He says: "[Pop-outs:] The lowest of low-end air pistols, the pop-outs, push-barrels or “gats”, however you want to describe them. Lowly though they are, they do have the advantage of being cheap (except for the very old models of course), so collecting these does not have to break the bank.

"So I have put together my lifetime’s collection of these, some coming from pride-of-place display cabinets, but most being dug out of odd drawers and forgotten nooks and crannies. I was then able to put them together into some sort of order. I wouldn’t say that it is a definitive collection, but it must come pretty close if one excludes minor variations of models. The most glaring omission is the father of all these, the original Quackenbush pistol. I still live in hopes of finding one, but time is running out! I can think of four others that the collection lacks, but no doubt there will be others, some yet to be discovered."


The first two pictures show the pre-War British pop-outs, starting with the 1922 Frank Clarke Whittall.



The next pic shows British post-War pistols, finishing with the 1994 Barnett Nitro, happily the only, British made plastic pop-out pistol. 


German pop-outs started well before the British ones, in the 1890’s, and the next two pictures show pre-War (i.e. pre- 1939) models.



This next pic shows post-War German pistols, finishing with the plastic Schmidt HS9A, which was introduced in the 1970’s.



Finally here are some miscellaneous pop-outs from other countries. From the top down, left to right: the Czech pre-war Lov 2; post-war Lov 2 with thumb grip; post-war Lov 2 with plain grip; post-war; Spanish Winnus SP51.

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