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Louis' collection  


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Louis' collection 

With thanks to Louis.



Victory Model 700 
Serial no. A464418
.177" with 4x20 Sharp scope. 
It came with the original open sights; I will have to take a photo of the gun with these on as well. 
775 ft/s with 8.44 gr JSB at 8 pumps (11.3 ft/lbs)
Plus: lightweight (2.5 kg scoped), trigger, accuracy, styling. 
Minus: pump arm link can bend if not pumped straight. 



Victory Model 700 
Serial no. A563263
.22" with Nikko Universal 4x20 scope, Absehen 4 reticle. 
601 ft/s with 15.89 gr JSB at 7 pumps (12.8 ft/lbs). Not tested 8 pumps yet, 8 pumps is heavy and it felt like I wouldn't do the gun much good. 



I have quite a few Innova's so to prevent a possibly boring situation I have chosen my two favourites. 

Innova I
Serial no. A306226
.177" with 4x20 generic scope off Ebay (9 dollars)

This was my first Sharp, a year ago. I thought they were a bit ugly, but I just wanted to see what they were like. 
This one only cost 150 GBP (190 USD) posted from a gunshop. You know this feeling when you first hold a gun and you simply know it's perfect? 
I will not forget this magical moment, when this rifle came out of the box. (You probably also know the feeling when you first hold a gun that you have been lusting for and you simply know it doesn't suit you lol. I've had this many times, expensive mistakes). 

788 ft/s with 8.44 gr JSB at 7 pumps (11.6 ft/lbs). Not tested 8 pumps yet. 
Believe it or not but I prefer this cheapo scope over much better ones. It is so small and light and means I can pump comfortably (you need to wrap your hand over the scope and grip the underside of the stock). 4 pumps is what I tend to do, 644 ft/s (7.8 ft/lbs), plinking cans at 60 meters was my biggest joy when I had this possibility. 
1.99 kg scoped to be precise. 

Plus: just feels great in every way. Very light and thus great to carry around. Minus: (high quality) plastic breech can crack when the gun is abused. All 6 of mine are excellent though, not bad after 40 years. 



Innova II
Serial no. A372817
Pristine, has never been serviced, original as it can be. 
617 ft/s with 15.89 gr JSB at 7 pumps (13.4 ft/lbs). Not tested 8 pumps yet. 
With what appears to be a factory moderator. It slips over the barrel in a snug and precise manner; not like the British made Galway moderators that required an aftermarket ally front piece. 
1.93 kg without moderator. 



This is actually not the same gun but I wanted to show what is inside the pump handle: a yellow sticker instructing to only use engine oil on the pump arm link pins. If someone wants to see the sticker in detail, let me know and I'll upload a pic. 
This is an Innova II in .177" cal, which interestingly does not have a butt plate like most other II's do. 




Super Grade Model A
Serial no. 420
Made between 1947 and 1953, does someone perhaps know this a bit more precisely? I tried to find out in UJ Backus' book. 
667 ft/s using 13.73 gr JSB's at 8 pumps (13.6 ft/lbs)
No description needed lol. 



Blue Streak 
Serial no. 485632
Not done a shot string yet. Creaky springs in valve, but seems to be untouched, never opened, so I will leave it. Makes good power judging by the way cans fly in the air. 
My boxed one. I prefer the one I brought back to life, but this one is better for photos and for the collection I guess. 
A late model, 1987, my year of manufacture too. 



Model F
Serial no. 173590. I need to look up year of manufacture. 
Iirc, it does about 500 ft/s with 13.73 gr JSB's, which is about 7.6 ft/lbs. 
The box probably not contained an F when it left the factory. It has no model markings. I found it on the US Ebay. UJ Backus told me it might have been for a Sheridan paintball or tranquilliser dart gun. The F fits perfectly in the box though. 




Town & Country 107
On stock: no. 25 (I think to match the stock parts during assembly) and 851, which is probably the serial no., as 45Flint indicated to me previously in his great T&C log thread). 
I guess made in 1949? 
Photos to follow. Parts for rebuild did not arrive yesterday, hopefully today...! 
Styling wise, imo, a piece of art. Especially the front sight system - so cool. Although the build quality is certainly not on par with the Super Grade, it has the same kind of very special feel to it. A feeling that it belongs in a museum, but it should actually be used. 

Update: Ped's parts arrived yeah! He did an amazing job. New pump rod, brass pump head with double o-ring as advised on here (sorry I can't remember who it was, but thank you), o-ring'ed pellet probe, repaired pump arm link pin hole and new pin. Straightened peep sight arm. 
11.1 ft/lbs on 12 pumps. 12 pumps still feels fine; not like I'm putting too much strain on the gun. 
It took a few years, but the gun is finally working well. I can remember DT Fletcher (RIP) getting quite aggravated when I was unable to get the droopy pump arm problem solved. 
I had then missed the fact that the pump arm link pin hole and pin where completely worn out. 
Anyway, here she is. 
(Repro booklet from US Ebay)



Sears 180
No serial no. 
Marked: J.C. HIGGINS “22” CALIBER 126.2830 
Haven't done a shot string yet. 
My favourite. 2 power settings (and that back in the sixties, FX try to do that nowadays and have trouble to get it right lol). Great, crisp trigger. Perfect plinking gun, so light. 
1.9 kg, my lightest airgun together with the Innova's which are 1.9 kg unscoped too. 



Is in Holland atm because over UK legal limit, photos to follow at some point. 

Stupidly sold it in a foolish "Marie Kondo phase", damn! Should leave it out of this overview, but I need to find another nice one at some point. Or did I say I didn't need to have anything anymore?

No serial no. 
I believe this is a first or second variant? 
Marked: CROSMAN “140”
Fairport, NY, USA. 22 CAL
I guess this was Kensuke Chiba's inspiration for his blow off valve design. 
Great little gun, so easy to use, accurate too. 
It's a shame that all of these Crosman's can't be scoped without modding or using aftermarket mounts. 
Need to do a shot string. 




Model A
Serial no. H41527
Markings on right side of breech: 
a star (which I think is the brand logo), then 
TOKYO NO. H41527

On both stock parts: 

828 ft/s using 8.44 gr JSB at 8 pumps
Non-original trigger mechanism, but a good replica and works well. 
Peep sight thanks to @1900colt on here. 
I had a Heirinkan scope, catalogue and cheek riser that I bought from a collector in Japan, but I have sent it to Shimizu in Tokyo as a thank you for things that he gave to me. 
Plus: relatively easy to pump, probably thanks to the long pump arm. Minus: crisp trigger but still quite heavy to pull. Might need to try a lighter trigger spring or remove a coil, but I don't dare to. 




Serial no. 210254
Does someone know what the year of manufacture would be? I guess somewhere in the eighties. 
690 ft/s using 8.44 gr JSB's (8.9 ft/lbs) at 8 pumps. 
My prettiest pumper. With some fettling and a careful cocking method, the trigger is now the best of all my pumpers. 
However, the barrel might be bent as I need to move the peep 75% to the left to shoot straight?!
A lovely little gun. Inspired by @Yngathrt. 
Appears to have never been opened up. 





None are really vintage I guess, but I'll just share two of my favourites. 

No serial no., I had it built by John Bowkett from parts that he and I had in our spares boxes. 
This one is in .177"
An iconic gun, also in the States? (wasn't sold in the UK, but some ended up in my home country The Netherlands where we don't have any airgun power restrictions). 
130 consistent shots at 11.2 ft/lbs using 10.65 gr H&N Barracuda Match (this barrel does not really like JSB's)
Scoped weight 3.5 kg. Needs a cheek riser but can be shot with factory open sights without the cheek riser. 
Designed for the US market as an affordable, powerful (30 ft/lbs in .22") hunting carbine with open sights. Didn't sell well but imo this is one of BSA's best pcp's. 
Scope: Tasco 1.75-5x32, x reticle, I think eighties. Works better for me on this gun than a bigger affair with AO and mildots. 


Serial no. DP09974
My best pcp. 
Lots of shots at 11.4 ft/lbs using 15.89 gr JSB's (probably about 150 regged shots). 
Started life as a rifle length Mk1 with various leaks. It works again in this carbine form thanks to NorthWest airgun's great Youtube videos (thank you Jon Eeler, also a member on here). S
Scoped weight 4kg; heavy scope. But good balance and stays on aim well; very stable gun, my best one for hunting although I don't really do that anymore. 
Scope: Japanese Optisan Mamba Lite 3-12 x 44 SCB side focus. Mildot reticle. 




Industry brand

Probably not a gun for this forum, but it is my favourite shooter atm, together with my HW30S K. 
Has had lots of mods, the most important one being that my friend Ped in Leeds lightened the hammer. 
It now does 100 shots at 475 to 520 ft/s (depending on where you are on the curve, and probably temperature a little bit too) using 11.9 gr RWS Hobby's (about 7 ft/lbs). 
Perfect plinking power. Inaudible with the HW moderator. Super crisp trigger, an aftermarket setback one. 
Scope: Nikko Stirling Silver Crown 4x40, x reticle, I think eighties. 
Scoped weight: 3 kg. 



HW30S K 
Serial no. 2295921
My best springer. Don't need another one, this is just perfect for me. 
With Vortek kit and sorted cocking link (it had the infamous galling issue). 
Luke Jolly tuned Rekord unit with Rowan extra set back trigger blade. 
Very light and crisp second stage. 
667 ft/s with only about 5 ft/s deviation using 7.87 gr JSB; 7.8 ft/lbs. 
The synthetic stock might not be pretty but it suits me much better than the beech one. 
Scoped weight 2.9 kg. 
Scope: Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 4x40 AO midlot reticle. 








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