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Crosman 1377/1322 history (UK)

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Crosman 1377/1322 history (UK) 

With thanks to Mick, originally posted on the

"After being successfully launched on the American market in 1977 the Crosman 1322/1377 multi stroke pneumatic series pistols were finally made available in the UK towards the middle of 1978 as a replacement for the Crosman 1300. The new pistol retained some of the features of the 1300 but used a different valve arrangement which gave a lighter trigger action. The 1300 used a blow open exhaust valve which caused the trigger pull to increase in relation to the number of pumps put into the gun, the new 1322/77 series used a knock open valve enabling the trigger pull to remain constant however many pumps the gun was primed with. After 33 years of constant upgrading and modifications the 1377 is still in production in its Phase three format today.
Phase one guns (1977 to 1981) are easy to spot as they have a round trigger guard hole in a one piece frame. Early phase one guns had steel pistons, steel rear sights and a steel breech, the steel rear sights were soon dropped in favour of plastic. By January 1979 the steel piston had been changed to plastic, and after January 1979 the breech had also been changed to plastic.
With the introduction of Phase two guns (1981 to 1998) came the introduction of the familiar two piece trigger frame with oval trigger guard hole which is still used to date. Apart from minor alterations the Phase two guns basically remained unchanged during their production run.
Phase three guns (1998 to date) when introduced brought with them the change from separate cocking of the hammer via a rear knob to bolt action cocking and loading.
For anyone trying to find the production date for one of these pistols or in fact any other Crosman product made after 1975 the first three or four characters of the serial number of the gun give the month and year the gun was made.

Most of the components of the various phases are interchangeable except for a couple of components. The phase three barrel has a smaller chamfer at the breach end than the earlier guns. So if you want to put a phase three barrel on a phase one or two then you have to use a phase three barrel and breech (top end) together or you’ll have to open out the phase three chamfer to suit the earlier breech. The same applies if you try to put a phase one or two top end on a phase three, but you also come across the added problem that the phase one and two breech will not cock a phase three.
The other component that will not swap without machining is the pump tube. Phase three pump tubes will fit all phases but a phase one or two tube will need a slot machining for the cocking pin if used on a phase three. All trigger frames are interchangeable but must be used with their respective grips, the trigger frames from the Crosman 2240/50 can also be swopped onto the 1322/77 series.
Inside the 1377 as already mentioned there were two different pistons used, made of either steel or plastic. Behind the piston is the valve body these have seen a few variations over the years. Early valve bodies were made of Brass but later ones are being made from Aluminium. There have been three different inlet valve shapes used and three different exhaust valves used over the years all of which are interchangeable. Early guns had a short inlet valve with an Aluminium spacer behind it and the exhaust valve was made in three pieces with the valve seal made of rubber. Later in production the Exhaust valve insert was changed to plastic which has now been superseded by the two piece exhaust valve with a PTFE head. The short inlet valve and Aluminium spacer gave way to the long inlet valve and this setup was then superseded by the short inlet valve which is machined at both ends.
Now I must point out that none of this is official Crosman info but it’s what I’ve found through striping and rebuilding a few 13XXs over the years."


Pics also from Mick:



This is my oldest Crosman 13XX, a Crosman Classic serial number 678047265 bought off this very forum from ggggr, this gun having steel piston, breech and Rearsight :-


Lastly, my favourite old knob cocker, a Crosman Medalist from November 1978 S/N 117819745 :-