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Challenger Plainsman literature chronology

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Challenger Plainsman literature chronology 

With thanks to D T Fletcher, who posted this on the American Vintage Airguns forum.

He said: "Here is my Plainsman literature collection, again, but this time in, what I believe to be, proper chronological order.

1) circa 1948/1949 Challenger Arms, Eagle Rock. The inclusion of the shotgun is what would make this a 1948/1948 version of their catalog. This is a copy obtained by a Plainsman collector in California; pretty sure that he only had a copy too. This is the only known piece of literature to carry the Eagle Rock 2767 W. Broadway address. There are no Plainsman Eagle Rock magazine ads known of. 


2) October, 1949, Magazine article showing clear interest in producing CO2 guns by Challenger Arms, same Eagle Rock address.


3) October, 1949, letter from Healthways to HP White indicating that Healtways had acquired exclusive rights to the Plainsman line and that the flyer inclosed was published in the fall Sporting Goods Dealer magazine.  From fall 1949/1950 on, it is the Healthways version (walnut, etc) that are built by what appears to be a new manufacturer. 


4) Shows the same lineup as the earlier Eagle Rock flyer with some minor but distinct changes to the guns.


5) 1949 Ad seen in American Rifleman. With so few Plainsman magazine ads, the one we do have seems a bit odd, with apparently an individual pushing the new Plainsman shotgun.


6) Circa 1950/51. Hard to be specific about dating this one. To my knowledge, this is the only mention of Challenger Arms Corp. in Sherman Oaks.


7) 1951 American Rifleman ad for CO2 pistol, still Challenger Arms but now Challenger Arms Distribution. Same price as Sherman Oaks flyer.


8) 1954 Goodenow Manufacturing Co. advertisement in American Rifleman magazine for CO2 pistols and rifles.

Note: Dave T, an expert on these models, has said: 

Challenger Plainsman was never manufactured by Goodenow!!! 
Earl Goodenow was simply a enterprising entrepreneur who helped liquidate the remaining 
Plainsman stock in 1954 when Athearn stopped production during that year. 
Goodeow was incapable of manufacturing anything at the time, let alone a air gun.
Goodenow and Johnson Smith the novelty company liquidated the remaining Challenger Plainsman 
stock . More details regarding this will be in my book covering these guns.


9) 1954 flyer for CO2 pistol, now Challenger Arms Co. 


10) 1954 flyer for CO2 rifle, Challenger Arms Co.


Dave T (Bigwave) disputed some of the order. See this thread for his comments and Mr Fletcher's reply here (warning: it's quite a bad-tempered thread...).

Posted : 26/07/2019 19:01:10