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Dürr LD MA64  


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8th October 2020 16:27  

Dürr LD MA64 

With thanks to Matt. Spotted on Apparently compressed air - if so, well ahead of its time.

He gives this information based on information gleaned from the internet: 

"A rare LD MA64 10m double stroke air rifle sold on egun  
'The LD MA64 was designed in 1964 and built in series at the toolmaking company Leo Dürr in Großrinderfeld near Tauberbischofsheim and sold at Frankonia in neighboring Würzburg

Leo Dürr still exists, but is now called Dürr Kunststofftechnik, but no longer builds air rifles.' 

Dürr Match air rifle MA 64
cal. 4.5 mm
barrel - rifled with removable barrel jacket,
sights - removable front sight tunnel, micrometer rear sight
system - vibration-free drop barrel system with lever barrel locking
When the barrel is tilted , the air is compressed and when the barrel is closed .
was offered by Frankonia 1966-67 (maybe later)
either with a picture or with the wrong picture of an FWB 150
after the trademark CD in the triangle - C. Dürr
MA - probably Match + 64 - first year of construction"
Note: the catalogue illustration below seems to be missing the barrel/breech locking lever (similar to that on a Walther LGV match rifle or one of the 1970s Anschutz break barrels).

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