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This is a Norwegian rifle. The story of the Elmek was told to Keld by Jan Emil Raastad, son of its maker, Arne Leif Raastad.

In about 1946 Jan's father worked at the Gastor radios factory in Oslo (since closed down) where he was its operations manager/dispatcher and a good friend of the director. He was allowed to use the factory premises to develop his air rifle project.

In around 1948-1950 Arne obtained his own premises and Elmek was born. The main product was the air rifle but they also produced fairy lights for Christmas trees and a mahogany closet for a record player, with space for 10 records, which was very popular.

There were some problems with the rifle - some lost pressure and there were many returns to the factory in spring 1951.

Arne was a member of a flying club and often borrowed a Piper Cub aeroplane. On the 12th May 1951, the Piper crashed over Egersund (a harbour town on Norway's south west coast) killing both of Jan's parents. He was eight years' old.

There was only one model of Elmek air rifle (Jan has an example). After the crash, Arne Leif Raastad's brother carried on production of the Elmek, possibly only until such time as the stock was exhausted. Meanwhile, the factory continued to repair guns that came in for repair. There was also a large stock of darts.

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