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Erie Iron Works Bisley Sharpshooter

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Erie Iron Works Bisley Sharpshooter.


Pictures courtesy of James B.

This BB gun was produced by the Erie Ironworks Company in the 1950s.
The firm was located in St Thomas Ontario, Canada, and primarily produced agricultural implements and wheelbarrows.
This was their first, and only venture into producing an airgun. Unfortunately it was not a commercial success, and was soon discontinued.

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The following further information is courtesy of Grant Bracher.

Grant discovered that the company was still in business, and e-mailed them an inquiry regarding the Bisley Sharpshooter. This is the reply that he received in it's entirety.


Hello Grant,

You have a very interesting product. In over 25 years involved with Erie products, I have only heard of the BB guns that were made by the company one other time. 

The various products made by the original Erie Iron Works, and still marketed by us today, have been mostly seasonal in nature and specifically in the Lawn and Garden category. This dates back to 1876 with products such as wheelbarrows, diggers, and lawn rollers. The BB gun was a odd deviation from the core business and probably part of the reason for its lack of success in the market.

I do understand that the BB guns were produced sometime after the Second World War and were considered a higher end product and relatively expensive. I think they were made with real wood rather than plastic, which was one of it’s main features. There is no record of how many were made, but I believe there was only one production run. The sales were very poor and therefore no more were produced.  

Hope this information helps.

Rob Schram

the Erie Tool Works Company