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F.A.R. air pistol

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F.A.R. air pistol 

see also FARAC

With thanks to John G.

John said on the

I have now found out that the most probable manufacturer of this pistol was the Argentinian gun company Fábrica Argentina de Rifles, whose name was often abbreviated to F.A.R. They are mentioned briefly in the Blue Book of Airguns 9th Ed. Which accredits just one spring air rifle to them but gives no details about the company. I did some digging and found that the company was in business from 1955 -1970 when they produced a range of air rifles. So far I have not been able to find any reference to an air pistol.

For many years the factory was located just a block away from the Mahely factory in the city of Lanús (just south of Buenos Aires). It may be significant that the Mahely and FAR pistols both made extensive use of aluminium in their construction. If the FAR pistol was produced around the same time as the Mahely then it is possible that a conveniently located aluminium casting company coupled with a plentiful supply of aluminium at the time made the use of this material financially viable, and the two factories could even have used the same supplier.

The first FAR rifles came in three sizes, all .177, and bore the trademark “FAR”. Apparently their guns were often rebranded for distributors, one example being the the “El Faro” air rifle. The Blue Book also describes a repeating (.22 ball) underlever air rifle called the “Super Valiant”.


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