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Fabarm air rifle

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Fabarm air rifle 

Spotted by 'Geezer' on the It is an underlever-cocking air rifle with an automatic pop-up breech, for darts or pellets. The company also made either at least one break-barrel air rifle similar to the Diana mods 22 and 25 (these rifles were close in design, which is why it's not clear whether one or two were made).

On the famous Italian shotgun maker's website it says:

The FABARM factory is launched around 1900 by the Galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties. The name FABARM comes from FABBRICA BRESCIANA DI ARMI, literally Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. During the first decades of the twentieth century, production is mainly side-by-side shotguns and pistols. Just after the Second World War, production takes off, with over-and-under shotguns added to the production of side-by-side, Anson type ; with the production of break-down barrels for other brands; and, even more astonishingly, in the middle of the 1950s, compressed air rifles and 9mm calibre Flaubert carbines.


A spoken-English translation courtesy of longtime member 'dvd' of the, who is an Italian speaker:

The Fabarm rifle comes in two models the standard one called the Barton and the luxury version called the Redcastle. It is a compressed air rifle with a fixed barrel where the cocking and loading are done by a separate lever which also operates the loading mechanism via an articulated part.

In the photos one can see the picture in elevation format that shows the rifle in the open and closed positions, that is to say in the unloaded and loaded positions.

In the open position or rather when the rifle is ready to be loaded with darts or pellets, the piston has already been cocked while the raised breech exposes a hole through which a pellet or dart can be inserted.

Swinging the underlever back to its horizontal position makes the rifle ready for shooting.

Fabarm also makes a normal air rifle like the Diana mod 22 and Diana mod 25 as well as darts for these.

Fabarm (Weapons Factory of Brescia) has its headquarters in Trento Road 16a, Brescia.