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Falke Models 70, 80, 90 owner's manual (English)

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Falke models 70, 80, 90 owner's manual (English) 

Here are scans of a scarce original example of one of these little 6-page fold out manuals,
in the English language. It measures approx 300mm x 150mm. The only other example seen of
this manual is the photocopy posted further down this section.

It's the second known English-language instruction manual. The other was printed on a label
fixed to the box on an export version of the mod 33 pistol.

There are no dates or other printer-related information on this manual but since the
illustration of the mod 80 has the rear sight in the correct position, it's perhaps safe to
assume that the document was produced late in the lifespan of the Falke factory. It had found
its way to the United States, so it's possible it accompanied a rifle exported direct to the US
from Germany.

The brand illustration of the father and son on the cover is similar but not identical to those
which appear on the colour product advertising brochures.