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Craig Durant
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Hi all I have not been on in a while and was not aware that the site had moved but good to be back. I have just taken delivery of another Falke 80 in poor condition tap marked 35. The tap auto opens on cocking and i have not seen this before.Was this a feature or is this an add done by some gunsmith. The gun is stripped as i am going to service it first and replace the screws that are damaged



Posted : 14th March 2018 16:39
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Hi Craig

Welcome back!

The self-opening tap was a feature of the Falkes 80 and 90 but the tab on the end of the tap that meets the cocking lever is sometimes missing or broken, so this feature doesn't work.

See this old thread in the archive for pics of what the actuating tab should look like.

Posted : 14th March 2018 16:58
Craig Durant
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Thanks that helps a lot. All parts are there and nothing worn but does appear that the linkage has been re fabricated as it is not blued at all and the cocking arm does not latch closed without force. Missing pins have been replaced bolts. I will strip my good one to compareĀ 

Posted : 14th March 2018 17:17

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