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Falke Modell-50


Hi All I inherited two real vintage Airguns this past weekend a Diana 27 which was made in Germany and has the tangent rear sight.


The other is a falke mod 50 with a tangent sight.

both have been in a cupboard for a long time.

the falke is very weak. I stripped it down and found the piston washer was in a bad state. The Diana has a screwe which was a little sticky but came loose the falke has a pin then leather washer and a steel washer the pin seems to have been hit and sheered to keep the washer in place. Can anyone assist me?

Topic starter Posted : 22nd October 2018 13:12
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The Falke is a very similar rifle to the Diana mod 23 and I think parts (easily available) either fit or can be made to fit.

Posted : 22nd October 2018 22:04