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Hello all,

I'm pretty much new here. I currently own a FAlke 70 which I am in the process of removing linseed oil from the stock and will soon have to take her apart as the pellet does not make 10m.

Last night I bought a Falke 80 no.86 which I have been looking for for over two years now. she should arrive next week. Here are pics from the for sale thread. https://www.airrifle.co.za/threads/49432-Falke-Model-80

Unfortunately she is missing a rear sight. Are these still available?

Look forward to contributing here.


Kind Regards,



Posted : 11th April 2019 12:38
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Hi Snowbeast. Welcome to the gallery and congratulations on the Falke 80 purchase.

The rearsights are not available new and on the rare occasions they do come up, command a high price. A lot of Falke 80/90s seem to be missing them unfortunately. To be able to use the rifles some owners have fitted scopes or adapted other sights.

Some Falke 70 parts can be bought from this seller in Germany (they are used to sending them abroad, apparently):


Posted : 11th April 2019 16:53
Citizen K
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IIRC Mark Banks made a few (replica) rear rights for the Falkes. If you don't have his number ask Mike Brews for same.

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Posted : 11th April 2019 23:16
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Thank you @garvin and @citizen-k


CK, I will give mike a call thank you.

I might have found one in Pietermaritzburg. I went past a gunsmith who had number 2xx and was trying to decide if it was worth getting it up and running again.

A 10min pop in ended up in a 90min tour of his shop and got to feel his bsa collection.

He has every model and variation of vintage bsa's bar the number 3. He even has some strange bsa's that seem to have been installed with different tubes at the factory but same model name. It was such an overload of information ive forgotten the particulars. Ive been invited again to scan his handwritten notes on every airrifle he owns which contain serial number and comments on the parts. 

He unfortunately refuses to use a computer.


The highlight of my visit was handling a gecado model 0. Never heard of one until he passed it to me. It measures under 2ft and is side lever operated. 

Next time i will take pics. 

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