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Russian Feinwerkbau LP65 copy

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Russian Feinwerkbau LP65 copy 

With thanks to Mike for the heads up. Spotted on Ebay and located in Estonia.

A well-known German collector said: "The gun in the following link is not a FWB LP65, but is [probably] a Russian prototype for the later  (Russian) MC-51.  Closely based on the LP65, but later improved."

Professor John Griffiths, author of The Encyclopedia of Spring Air Pistols, agreed it was likely, adding: "It clearly is a prototype based on the LP65, and has many of the hallmarks of being Russian (not least being where the gun was being sold).  We know that a lot of development work took place in Russia in the 1970's, at the State-controlled TSKIB-MEO in Tula, to produce a world beating recoilless competition air pistol, culminating in the (unsuccessful) MC-51".