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- For general vintage airgun discussion, I heartily recommend the airgunbbs.com's collectables section, which has a very knowledgeable membership, especially about European vintage and classic post-1970s airguns, as well as some good banter. Experts from the US, New Zealand and elsewhere are regular contributing visitors too.

- For excellent discussion with an American flavour, but also encompassing various experts on European airguns, I strongly recommend the American Vintage Airgun Forum .

- Not forgetting Vintageairguns.co.uk, one of the earliest attempts to aggregate information on vintage airguns, which itself has an impressive, wide-ranging gallery and other priceless resources, as well as its own discussion forum.

- Of growing importance is the collectable airguns section of Airgunforum.co.uk, which has some knowledgeable and interesting posts.

- Probably the most enjoyable and informative free read on vintage airguns on the entire internet is Trevor Adams' website at Cinedux.com. It's packed full of pictures, scans of advertisements and written materials, not least Trev's own excellent published articles. It's an unmissable resource for the vintage airgun addict.

- The very best paid-for read on vintage airguns anywhere is John Atkins' articles in Air Gunner magazine. Declaration: I have no financial interest. Alone they make buying a digital subscription worthwhile, plus you get access to an archive of issues which goes back more than 9 years - that is hundreds of large-size pages of top-quality, full-colour articles on vintage airguns, all of which can be downloaded as PDFs. After four decades of writing for magazines, it's no exaggeration to say that Mr Atkins is the most knowledgeable vintage airgun writer in the world. Also, his previous professional life as a newspaper artist and designer means his articles have the most amazing illustrations and photographs. It's a 'no brainer'! https://www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/Magazines/Shooting-Magazines/Air-Gunner/MAG7D01B

- Likewise, Airgun World magazine, also produced by Archant and a digital edition available at the link below, carries excellent monthly articles on collectable airguns by John Milewski (many of which are under 'M' in the gallery). Both magazines have Terry Doe as managing editor, a good friend to vintage airgun collectors. https://www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/Magazines/Shooting-Magazines/Airgun-World/MMMDIG6A

- An increasingly important source of carefully researched articles on vintage airguns is Jimmie Dee's Airguns. Jimmie has a website here: http://www.jimmiedeesairguns.com/ and a Facebook site here: Facebook: Jimmie Dees Airguns

- Another site that has 'come of age' in vintage airgun terms is the 'vintage, antique and collectable' section of the Air Rifle SA Forums site (owned by Citizen K, who did so much to establish this gallery website). The forum reflects its location in South Africa and airguns have clearly been exported there from all over the world across the decades, with some real rarities turning up from time to time. It can be found here: Vintage | Antique | Collectable Airguns ~ Airrifle SA Forums 

Other outstanding resources:

- The photographer and author of books on Crosman and Benjamin has made public his extensive archive of literature. It's a real treasure trove. DT Fletcher

- UJ Backus's excellent register of early Sheridans (click on serial number links in the registers to see pics). UJ Backus Sheridan pages

- Also American, the world's largest airgun forum, the Yellow Forum, sometimes has threads on classic and even vintage airguns: https://airgunwarriors.com/

Another American forum with a vintage section, apparently with almost exclusively US-made airguns, is the Vintage Airun Gate of the Gateway to Airguns forum: https://www.gatewaytoairguns.org/GTA/

- A very comprehensive archive of information and pictures of CO2 airguns which replicate firearms or are in some way based on their design. CO2airguns.net - A German forum (written in German) covering all airguns, including vintage ones. CO2air.de

- Another very good German forum, with lots of pics and detailed information (in German), is: http://www.muzzle.de/N3/Druckluft/druckluft.html

- The Classic Air Pistol Association forum has a 'collector's corner' section that is well worth a look. CAPA

- A great source of information is the Pyramydair Blog, written by veteran (in the UK sense) airgun journalist Tom Gaylord (AKA 'BB Pelletier'), who was previously, starting in 1994, the editor of the publications Airgun Letter, Airgun Revue and Airgun Illustrated. Because there is so much non-vintage content, it can be quite confusing locating the vintage airgun content, but it's worth persevering and there are daily blogs archived to 2005 on the site. Pyramydair blog

- An interesting blog on key Feinwerkbau spring models can be found here: FWB blog

- There's also an amazing gallery of Czech airguns at: VZDUCHOVKA.CZ.

- An impressive website focusing on Polish airguns, FKW, with some vintage airguns from elsewhere in Europe is here:  https://wiatrowki.cloudtown.pl/

- A very good blog that includes strip downs and repairs of many vintage (and modern) airguns is Another Airgun Blog, started by US machinist and jeweller Nick Carter. The website is here and includes a list of airguns repaired down the right hand side of the page: http://anotherairgunblog.blogspot.co.uk/ All of the above sites are free of charge to visit.

- A paid-for quarterly US magazine worth a look and which includes regular columns by the famous collector and author Larry Hannusch, is Airgun Hobbyist http://www.airgunhobbyist.com

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