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[Closed] Welcome to the old Vintage Airgun Gallery June 26 2014  

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Welcome to the Vintage Airgun Gallery.


I hope you find this airgun gallery informative and enjoyable. Its aim is to bring interesting and sometimes beautiful airguns to a wider audience and hopefully spread the message that collecting old airguns is a fascinating, absorbing pursuit.

The design ingenuity they embody is endless and the period they were made spans pre-industrial production up to sophisticated post-WW2 manufacturing techniques.

The gallery is a collaborative effort, with too many collectors to mention contributing pics of their prized specimens (although special thanks go to Frank Korn and Leonard Joe). For details of how you too can help, please see HERE.

Despite the competitive instincts of collectors and the dog-eat-dog environment of an auction, or the headlong rush to be the first when a rare item appears in the small ads, my experience is that fellow collectors are mainly generous-spirited. Ultimately, of course, it's in all our interests that new generations of airgun collectors around the world grow up to share our passion.

You'll see that I have added a 'talk' forum to the gallery to give a space for discussion if required, but since there are already more than enough vintage airgun discussion forums on the internet, I hope comments will be limited to the gallery itself rather than the wider subject of vintage airguns.

The question of cut-off - at what date 'vintage' should no longer apply - is bound to arise. And since space is not unlimited, I'm keeping it vague. Anything no longer in production is a possible. Where a rifle or pistol made after about 1980 has something noteworthy or impressive about it, it may be included. Generally, entries will date from before this period.

Enjoy the gallery, and happy shooting!

Edit: I have added an index to make it easier to locate a manufacturer without having to scroll through the entire gallery. Unfortunately the listings are still not in alphabetical order within each letter heading, because Network 54 does not currently allow forum owners to move threads around once they are posted. If this is made possible in future, I will re-arrange the entries to make them alphabetical.

Posted : 12th December 2017 16:26

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