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Accles and Shelvoke Warrior- and a suprise  


Hello folks

Another series of pictures of an exploded pistol of mine and the odd thing about this lot is the last 5 pictures of a secondary sealing system i was unaware of (and can find no reference to anywhere).

A quick intro -18 months ago i was given opportunity to purchase upwards of 40 airguns-however-every single one of them was in bits in boxes and bin bags,so basically i purchased 40 jigsaw puzzles ,the warrior was from this lot but purchased separately but,again in bits luckily all the bits were there. Whilst cleaning after taking some photos the three washers (2 leather and 1 dished steel) literally fell out of the piston after a blast of air from an airline.I've spent some considerable time googling this and can find no reference to a seal system that fits inside the piston (but which makes perfect sense to me) so is it aftermarket or is it the original factory fitted ?-whatever it is it works and perhaps explains the 'extra' washer left over by the gent whose 'resealing a warrior' post in the A & S area of the forum clearly shows something very similar to mine.

A 20 plus shot string averages around 295 fps using Wasps at 7.5grains which i'm quite pleased with .

Topic starter Posted : 10th April 2019 10:40
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Fascinating pics, Exwind, thanks! It's an impressively designed pistol. Real quality. 🙂

Posted : 11th April 2019 17:13

Would anyone know if other concentric pistols have a similar in piston sealing arrangement ?

I did make new piston and breech seals for this one (piston was the peened over type) and as the O ring i tried for the breech seal didn't last long before getting pinched i made a leather one which works better imho,I think i'll leave the inner piston arrangement as is for now and if anyone would like dimensions please get in touch

Topic starter Posted : 13th April 2019 08:13