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New gallery content (updated regularly)                                                                                                                    


I used to update the gallery news pages every time I added an entry so they wouldn't get 'lost'. I propose to do the same in this thread - and it's much easier to hyperlink to the new post too.



For an archive of the old gallery news pages go here.


22.02.18 Hy-Score Model-804 Air Pistol (boxed)

21.02.18 Sheridan Model-A Super Grade (modified)

20.02.18 Giffard CO2 Pistol - detailed pics 

19.02.18 Mk2 (Webley Service Mk2 copy)

18.02.18 Martini .22 cal CO2 rifle 

16.02.18 Haenel mod LUP 54 pistol 

15.02.18 Early Weihrauch HW50 restoration 

15.02.18 Collection of 10m air rifles 

11.02.18 Webley Vulcan SE

09.02.18 Collection of Weihrauch HW55s 

09.02.18 L'Oscar CO2 rifle 

08.02.18 Another Benjamin model F 

06.02.18 Feinwerkbau Modell-124 (Beeman with ARH stock) 

06.02.18 Haenel Model-28R instructions 

05.02.18 BSA Airsporter Mk2 'GD' prefix 

02.02.18 Bowkett CO2 pistol 

02.02.18 BSA target rifle prototype (1925 Patent) - new pics added

01.02.18 Taiyo air rifles 

31.01.18 Book by the inventor of the first Japanese air rifle

30.01.18 Optical sights (Gaines' collection)  

30.01.18 Diopter sights (Frank's collection) 

29.01.18 Oscar Will Columbia (mit stecher)  

26.01.18 Diopter sights (Gaines' collection)  

25.01.18 Mayer & Grammelspacher dart pistols

24.01.18 Japanese butt reservoirs 

23.01.18 Unknown Japanese(?) underlever

21.01.18 Marksman model 740 

19.01.18 Kev's BSF collection part 2 

18.01.18 Haenel XX tinplate

17.01.18 Haenel model XXXX 

16.01.18 Webley Pre-War guns catalogue

15.01.18 Redair's collection

14.01.18 Trev's collection (NZ) 

12.01.18 Benjamin collection 

09.01.18 Walther LP-3 short barrel 

08.01.18 Abas Major - early model strip 

07.01.18 Group pics of vintage airguns

05.01.18 Haenel Model XVa tinplate  

04.01.18 Joseph Egg Air Cane

03.01.18 Jake on damaged BSA trigger block screws

02.01.18 Three Tell Air Pistols - two boxed

01.01.18  Webley pistols display card 

30.12.17 Unmarked crank-wound gallery gun

30.12.17 When the Moonies were in the airgun business

29.12.17 BSA "S" series Standard (c.1929) serial no. 39108

28.12.17 Unsigned dual calibre tap-loader butt reservoir rifle

27.12.17 Falke owner's manual in German in Falke Resources

26.12.17 A fabulous collection of air canes

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