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Hello and hoping for help with Webley Vulcan

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Hello and congratulations on a wonderful forum. I'm looking forward to trawling all the information on here. With all due apologies if this has been discussed before, but I'm hoping someone can help me with an approximate date for a Webley Vulcan Deluxe I've just purchased. I believe it is a mk 1 as it doesn't have a pistol grip cap. The stock is walnut, chequered and has the gold trigger and safety catch. Unfortunately it's not one of the 110 SE models as the serial number is 668940. I'd be grateful for any insight into when in the 1980s it might have been made and for confirmation it is a mk 1. Thanks very much in advance.

Posted : 26/02/2023 17:55:58
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I think there are a list of serial numbers in a book (WEBLEY AIR RIFLES 1925-2005) which contain Vulcan numbers. It is very expensive but i would get a copy at the local library don't pay silly prices some was asking the same question on the bbs forum about 5 years ago.

Posted : 26/02/2023 22:49:38
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According to Christopher Thrales' book, Webley Vulcan number 565288 was delivered to the retailer 9 january 1980, and number 674692 was delivered 11 july the same year.

As your gun has a serial number between those two, it is a fair assumption that the gun was made around that time.

And by the way: for what it is, Thrales' book is really not expensive!

Posted : 25/06/2023 07:02:11
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