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[Closed] How you can help the Vintage Airgun Gallery  

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How you can help the Vintage Airguns Gallery

You can make this gallery better by supplying pics and helping to fill in gaps in the makes or models pictured. The only stipulations are:

1. That you own, ie. probably took, the photographs yourself.
2. That they are sharp and well lit.

Please email them to me - my address is visible at top right of this post under my name.

Eventually I would also like to add relevant information to the make and model categories, time permitting.

If you would like to write some blurb about an airgun you know a lot about, you're very welcome. Ideally it would be around 250-350 words' long and draw on some key published sources, to ensure the accuracy of factual information.

These sources might be, for example, official manufacturers' literature, books like John Griffiths' The Encyclopedia of Spring Air Pistols, John Walter's The Airgun Book, books on Webley airguns by Chris Thrale or Gordon Bruce, or anything by the writers John Atkins, Trevor Adams, Larry Hannusch and John Milewski.

The sources would ideally be listed at the end of your contribution. If you inadvertently write something that subsequent research has shown to be wrong, I doubt if it will be long before someone points it out!

Thank you.

Posted : 12th December 2017 16:24
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