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Manu Arms pistol  

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i just pick up a Manu Arms pistol for a song, it was listed that it would not cock or say cocked 

and that lead me to believe the trigger was set to light and that was the case 

so my question is, knowing there are no parts for these, has anyone came up with a piston seal work around 

i know it is a screwed on synthetic puck and i'm guess the shoulder bolt is a m4 threaded 

i have seen the post where the guy made a work around by making a o'ring mount on a puck but lathe i do not have

i was thinking a leather to synthetic conversion with a parachute seal in 25mm 

so anyone find a solution other then what i have mentioned 

i have shot the pistol just once and i have no idea if the seal will last one more shot or another ten years 

but i have feeling to is the factory seal and i'm in the planning stage 




Posted : 26th September 2020 20:10